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The XO Standard

All of our bikes ride like new – At XO Bikes, every bike we sell has been stripped, serviced, refurbished, cleaned, checked & tested. They are all fully serviced & polished.

For you, that means this bike has had:

  • All parts fully checked, restored, adjusted (or replaced if needed)
  • Brakes, gears, tyres, spike tension wheel hubs, bearings checked er adjusted
  • Tires checked
  • Frame aligned
  • Wheels trued
  • Chain, cassette, and chain set cleaned & lubricated
  • Application of anti-seize grease
  • It may have a few small scuffs and is sold as seen (see photos for anything

We rely on generous donations by the public of good quality bikes. If you know of a bike that you could donate, or have a friend who could donate, click here.

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