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We train ex-offenders to be professional bike mechanics, refurbishing donated bikes.

All profits from bike sales go back to training and hiring more people coming out of prison or likely to end up there.

Most prison leavers never want to go back inside. They want to make a clean start making an honest living like most of us. But unlike most of us, they can’t get an honest job because most employers won’t give them one. So they go back to what they know and end up back where they started. Inside.

We started XO Bikes to give them that chance. Not just for training, jobs and support, but the chance to prove to the world (starting with the bike world) that they’re not all bad people. They’ve just made some bad choices, they’ve done their time. Not every sentence should be a life sentence.

Reoffending costs you and me £18 billion a year. If all prison leavers had legit jobs, this would fall by 70% overnight.

Over 400 studies show that employment is the single most important factor in reducing reoffending rates

75% of businesses will not employ ex-offenders

The reoffending rate for people not in work within the first 12 months of release is 68% (making their lives miserable, the lives of their victims miserable, and costing the state – and therefore you, £100k a year per offender)

Buy a bike

Or if you know anyone looking for a bike, let them know about us!

Refurb a bike

Refurbish your trusty old tired bike.

Donate a bike

If you have a bike in a good condition, we’d love to add it to our scheme.

Give us money

Donate to our parent charity and help us train more people.