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Welcome to the pioneering tax-free payment scheme for a recycled bike. XO Bikes’ partner in the scheme is gogeta.
If you’d like to save up to 72%* on your next bike, ask your HR department for a gogeta voucher application link.

If they’re not already signed up to gogeta, this is your chance to get them with the programme.

If you’re an employee, Invite your employer to sign up with gogeta.

If you are a company director or benefits decision-maker you can sign up your company immediately or ask gogeta anything you like about the scheme before signing up.

Or you can explore the details and FAQs on the gogeta site

Once your workplace has signed up, you can apply for a voucher. Then you’re free to spend it in our Wandsworth, Lewisham or Mayfair shops on a superbly refurbished and recycled bike, new accessories, clothing or even a service. If you’d like to use your gogeta voucher in our online shop please call us during business hours and we can help you.

It’s a win for your paycheque, a win for our planet and a win for the prison leavers we train to become bike mechanics.

* A brand new bike with an RRP of £1000, would typically cost £500 at XO Bikes. With the top rate 45% tax saving through our scheme there’d be a further saving of £225 . Final price  £275

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